Portsmouth Down Syndrome Association Charity Candle

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The CHRISTMAS fragrance will be available for 6 weeks only, and the first 100 will be a limited edition. The candles can be ordered through our website from the 25th October 2020 and will be available until the 15th December 2020.

We are so pleased to be able to be a part of this fund raiser for an amazing charity.

Portsmouth Down Syndrome Association is committed to improving the lives of children with Down syndrome across South Hants and beyond.  We know individuals with Down syndrome can succeed when given the opportunity, and with the right support.  Portsmouth DSA provides a range of some of the best specialist services in the UK supporting development and education, and offers training to assist families and professionals in providing effective support from birth, helping to teach children the skills they need to reach their developmental milestones, succeed at school, and become valued and productive members of their communities.  

These services include Baby Support Groups, Early Intervention Groups, Communication Therapy, Drama Sessions and a Schools Advisory Service currently supporting the successful inclusion of children with Down syndrome in over 100 mainstream schools across the area.  They also provide social opportunities and seasonal parties where our families can make friends and share experiences. Portsmouth DSA is completely self-funding and largely managed by volunteers, so all donations are very gratefully received, and will go directly to provide vital services for our children which they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.  To find out more, please visit www.portsmouthdsa.org .